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How Taylor Business Group Can Help You Find the Right Seller

Finding a good company to purchase is never easy. IT Business Owners don’t put a FOR SALE sign on their front door hoping their competitors would make them an offer. The MSP Connection is a secure portal where IT Business Owners can express their interest in a potential sale. We run variables through an algorithm to see if there is a match.

A few of these variables include:

  • Matching the right culture both from an employee perspective and also your client’s perspective.
  • Finding efficiencies between the two companies.
  • Removing redundancies in personnel and management, processes and toolsets.

Our Process is Simple, Transparent, and Successful


  • We know the two principles we are bringing together. We have interviewed them and we know what each one is trying to achieve.
  • We are looking at the benchmarks of each company to understand how the two organizations will fit together. What are your strengths and weaknesses? From our experience, we then know how to advise both parties.
  • We understand the process. LOI, LOU, Offer Letter, Legal Contracts. All these items are important steps but if you have never gone down this path, they can be very confusing and complicated. We help you navigate the process.


  • We will always be open with you. We will always answer your questions. We will always provide you with the best advice possible. This is our promise!
  • We charge a single flat fee of 1% to 3% based on the transaction value size. This is paid at the time of closing.
  • We know the members of TBG to match, and have the best connections within the MSP Community.


  • Most companies want to maximize their selling value. Most companies are not doing what they need to do to maximize their selling value. We offer assistance to help you meet your goals. Sometimes this is improving benchmark results. Sometimes this is helping with your contracts. And sometimes this is working with your personnel.
  • We help you understand the efficiencies you can gain.
  • By being an independent entity, we can offer both parties advice on how to successfully complete the transaction.
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