Meet Our Team

Michael France

Chief Executive Officer

About Michael

Timothy Corn


Mark Miller

VP, Corporate Development
and Demand Generation

About Mark

Ken Patterson

VP, Communities
and Ecosystems

About Ken

Elizabeth Lisk

Sr. Director of
Partnerships and Programs

About Elizabeth

Brock Kuhse

Director of
Product Development

About Brock

Anamaria Drago

Project Manager

Jaye Ott

Business Development

About Jaye

Michael Cummings

Sales Transformation Program

About Michael

Tim Norman

Sr. Executive Business Coach

About Tim

Dennis Hunter

Executive Business Coach

About Dennis

Pete Peterson

Executive Business Coach

Adam Steinhoff

Executive Business Coach

About Adam

Jason Plett

Executive Business Coach

About Jason

Brandon Gordon


About Brandon

Ann Mickle

Accounting and Finance Services

About Ann

Teresa Gunderson

Accounting and Finance Services

About Teresa

Karen Dybedal

Accounting and Finance Services

About Karen

Jodi Plett

Accounting and Finance Services

About Jodi

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