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Sales and Marketing Best Practices for Growth-Minded MSPs

Where do you want to go?

During their early phase of growth, many MSPs end up at a revenue crossroads and eventually reach a revenue ceiling that they can never exceed. After trying half-measures that waste time and money, they stagnate at that revenue level, unless they learn to evolve and become Best-in-Class.

Our Profit Makers for Owner-Led Sales Group will increase the owner’s confidence and competency to lead sales and client relationship development, and custom-design an action plan you can execute incrementally over time. Building the owner’s sales leadership is the key to transforming the destiny of your company.

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Our Instructors

Pete Peterson was the sales engine that took his MSP from start-up to over $15M in annual sales while creating the blue-print for the TBG Customer Account Manager role. He started his career in social work and uses the principles of service leadership to help MSP owners create a sales program which reflects the best version of their company. His concepts are simple, but they’re not always easy, as he helps you focus on the most important metrics for sales growth and to build a repeatable marketing engine.

Michael Cummings has worked with MSP owners to build the sales and client account management engines that consistently drive 20-35% annual sales growth. These methods have worked for years for multiple MSPs, from coast to coast.

Who Should Sign Up?

This peer group is intended for MSPs who are currently pursuing owner-led MRR sales who co-lead the Account Management with a VCIO or CAM. Typically, this structure is in place for MSPs in the $1- 2.5M range with 30-50% MRR and 3-12 employees.

Your commitment to accomplishing your goals is the real key. Success requires that you make business development a priority and dedicate 35-50% of your time to mastering this competency.

Every business faces competing priorities, but success requires a dedicated commitment. It doesn’t matter if you have tried sales training or marketing toolkits in the past or are currently enrolled in a program. Your previous experience is easily leveraged because your investment in time and money is essential to get the desired outcome.

The objectives of the group are to focus on specific sales and marketing metrics, so you will:

  • Identify your perfect client: Tailored Client Profile (TCP)
  • Target-market to the businesses that fit your TCP
  • Increase new MRR sales
  • Implement Best in Class account management with current TCP clients to build loyal and profitable relationships
  • Pursue the MSP best in class sales process
  • Design and implement a repeatable prospecting and marketing methodology

How it Works

In a post-COVID-19 world, business development will be more vital than ever: prospecting, marketing, sales process, and client account management. While some MSPs will pull back their marketing efforts, now is the time when the winners will increase their commitment and achieve amazing results. TBG knows that the answer to become Best-in-Class is to train the owner to scale and grow revenue. 

Your Investment: Time & Money

What is the value of learning how to grow your business with Tailored clients and Best-in-Class MRR? The investment is only $1,500 a month for 18 months, or about what you spend on recruiter fees for a poorly-fit sales rep. We’re limiting the size of each group, and the first five MSPs to enroll in a PMOS group will qualify for a personal on-site meeting with either Michael or Pete for 1½ days (allowing for COVID-19 regulations, and travel expenses will apply).

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TBG will bring years of management experience to your company. We can assist in areas of management coaching pertaining to your sales, service, or administrative departments. Our focus is to assist you in driving more profits to your bottom line.

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