What Are Business Improvement Groups and How Can They Improve Your MSP’s Productivity?

business group meeting to discuss business productivity strategies

They say the best way to learn is by getting in and getting things done, by having the experience yourself. And that execution will lead to improvements. But it takes time and resources, both of which an owner doesn’t think they have enough of.. 

If you feel like you’ve given your MSP all that you have to give, it might be time to join a business improvement group. By learning and receiving tools from industry leaders who have seen it all, you can push past the challenges that are stunting your growth and see a change in business productivity.

Business improvement groups are a great way to gain access to industry knowledge, network and build relationships with like-minded businesses, and develop strategies that will help you improve your MSP’s productivity.

What Is a Business Improvement Group?

A business improvement group is a collective of MSPs and mentors who are dedicated to helping each other improve their business productivity. The members of the group bring diverse perspectives, but all have one common goal: to learn from each other and help one another succeed.

By joining a business improvement group, you can build relationships with leaders and peers in the industry and get access to resources, strategies, and tactics that can help you improve your MSP. The result? Improved operations, better results, along with the growth and profitability you are looking for.

As a member, you might meet in person and virtually at events or webinars, discuss ideas and solutions to help each other improve operations, and attend workshops and seminars on topics like marketing, finance, technology, project management, and more.

Should You Be a Part of One?

Being part of a business improvement group can be invaluable to the growth and development of your MSP. The members bring different experiences and perspectives, which can help you think through challenges and find new ways of doing things.

When you join a business improvement group, you’ll analyze every financial aspect of your business, from your chart of accounts, income statement, and balance sheet. With simple charts of performance metrics, your mentors will offer recommendations based on industry-leading benchmarks. 

You’ll also receive mentoring from experts who have faced similar challenges and can provide new insights on how to improve your operations. If you’re an MSP owner, COO, service or project manager, or client account manager, a business improvement group is a surefire way to meet the specific goals you’ve set for your company.

How Do They Impact Business Productivity?

When you’re constantly feeling the need to reinvent the wheel or find solutions to common problems, it can be hard to focus on the larger picture. Joining a business improvement group will help you streamline operations and better allocate resources so that you can become more productive in the long run.

These groups also provide access to tools and processes that have been tested by other members or by experts in the field. This kind of insight and knowledge can help you make better decisions, become more efficient, and increase overall productivity within your business.

At Taylor Business Group, a member of our Business Improvement Group (BIG) program tripled their revenue in 3 years. They found a mentor and built relationships with like-minded businesses, which enabled them to make more informed decisions, increase efficiency, and become better at providing their services.

Some MSPs, especially when they’re struggling with cash flow, feel uncomfortable about making an investment in a group like this. But if you’re leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars behind, like this business was, a few thousand dollars seems inconsequential in comparison.

Whether you’re looking to break into a new market or just want to improve the performance of your MSP, business improvement groups can provide the support and resources you need to make long-term changes.

Improve Your Bottom Line With Taylor Business Group

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