Business Improvement Group for Finance Managers

A training program crafted for MSP finance managers: Taylor Business Group’s comprehensive roadmap to financial excellence

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Tailor-Made Finance Management Solutions for MSPs

Managing finance in the Managed Services Provider (MSP) domain is a unique challenge that needs a specialized approach.

At Taylor Business Group, our Business Improvement Group (BIG) for Finance Managers provides comprehensive finance manager training to help professionals not only move past daily challenges but excel in this dynamic sector.

Are You Constantly Putting Out Financial Fires?

As a finance manager at an MSP, the pressures can be relentless. One moment you’re dealing with sales strategies, working out how to align financial decisions with your company’s growth. The next moment, you’re forecasting trends, balancing margins, and grappling with cash flow to ensure seamless operations.

Our finance manager training for MSPs is specifically designed to address these issues and others.

What is the Business Improvement Groups
for Finance Managers Managers Program?

The Finance role is constantly evolving and changing, but a good MSP Finance Manager is more concerned with strategy and direction than with being a “good accountant.” While sound accounting principle knowledge and execution is important, most CFO’s/top finance principals should not be in the day-to-day books of their MSP.

Our goal is to train Finance Managers to navigate top concerns like sales strategy, forecasting, balancing margins, cash flow, and hiring needs. We hope that through this BIG, Finance Managers will be better equipped to develop skills in specific areas like W2 Multiples, M&A, contract analysis, revenue recognition, inflation/recession concerns, and tax and finance planning.

BIG for MSP Finance Managers: Navigate with Confidence

Our specialized finance manager training dives into the nuances of financial management within the MSP industry. With over 20 years of experience helping MSP finance managers, our team will help you navigate the most pressing financial issues your company faces.

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Over the course of a year and with a group of 10–12 non-competing members, the finance manager training will cover:

  • W2 Multiples Mastery: Understand the intricacies and implications
  • M&A Strategies: Navigate mergers and acquisitions with finesse
  • Contract Analysis: Maximize contract efficiency and profitability
  • Revenue Recognition: Accurate, timely, and in line with the best practices
  • Inflation/Recession Concerns: Stay prepared, no matter the economic weather
  • Tax & Finance Planning: Craft strategies for optimal financial health

Your BIG Benefits: Elevate Your MSP Role

In a nutshell, we offer a pathway for you to become an invaluable asset for your MSP, equipped with the right skills, tools, and knowledge.

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The world of MSP finance management moves fast. Can you afford to stand still? With BIG for Finance Managers from Taylor Business Group, you step into a world of immersive knowledge, resources, and skills that sets you—and your MSP—up for unprecedented success.

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