Accelerating Profitability for IT Solution Providers

Taylor Business Group is an executive coaching firm that focuses on IT Solution Providers and Copier Dealers. Founded in 2001, Taylor has brought efficiencies and higher profits to IT Solution Providers through a focused effort in delivering best practices to the ITSP and Copier Dealer’s service, sales and administrative functions.

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Why Taylor Business Group?

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It’s time to Accelerate Profitability

The numbers don’t lie; we’ve been a leader in the IT Industry for over 20 Years

The average Net Operating Income (NOI) for our members has increased by four percentage points in their first two years. This translates to an extra $40,000 of income for every $1,000,000 of top-line revenue for our members. That’s over $16,000,000 of additional real profit created annually!

Taylor Business Group Offerings

We provide ideas and methodologies for the management team of our clients to implement or enhance strategic thinking into their organization; thus, providing their employees and customers a clear vision of the client’s future, the products and services to be offered, and the means to deliver their services and products for a reasonable profit.

“The in-person training, with the smaller group, was highly valuable. We shared information and ideas, and I got a bunch out of it. Dennis was a great leader, guiding side discussions and looping us back into the schedule as needed and providing good information during our team discussions. I really enjoyed it”

Jeff Mertz
Director of Support Services
Safety Net, Inc.

“I have been working with the Taylor Business Group since 2004 when I began attending their workshops, which include Managing for Profitability, Services Workshop, and Managing Sales. Within 2006, I engaged their consulting services to ensure that on a monthly basis, time was set aside in my business to focus on how and when we’d implement the things learned in these workshops. I highly recommend the Taylor Business Group as a way to regularly step outside your business to work on your business.”

Alan McDonald

“Working with our TBG coach for the last two years has been a tremendous benefit to our business. We have transformed the company from a reactive sales and service company to a proactive, managed service organization. We have seen improvements in all key aspects of the business, including revenue, service utilization, and most importantly profitability. Our coach has helped me focus on working on the business rather than working in the business.”

David Prince

“I wanted to congratulate you on the RTP Financial Dashboard… You’ve really created a phenomenal tool that gives business owners an unprecedented level of insight into their business. Our two hours spent with the tool yesterday gave me a level of understanding of my business that would previously have taken me days or weeks of Excel/QuickBooks crunching to accomplish. After only 1 day using the tool, I can’t imagine running my business without it… It would be like driving with my eyes closed.”

Jeff Roback
President & CEO
Praxis Computing, Inc.

“TBG is radically helping us transform the business to what we always envisioned it could be. They are helping us see things for what they are, build on our strengths, and take a sober look at what needs to change. Well worth it if you want, and are ready to, get more from your business!”

Steven Wolsky
Microtime Computers

“Since we began working with the Taylor Business Group, we have quadrupled our net profit, radically improved customer service and responsiveness, reduced our staff’s stress levels, and gotten rave reviews from our client’s on the improvements in our processes. Working with Larry has helped me to focus on the business in a way that only someone looking in from the outside can. TBG does for us, what we do for our clients – provides the business tools and processes for success.”

Eric Hanson
Inland Productivity

“In my 30+ years of management, the single best thing my companies have ever done to improve culture, efficiencies, and profitability was to join the Taylor Business Group. Through their personalized mentorship, partner groups, and their annual conference, the Taylor Business Group has taught us how to measure success, perfect our process improvement initiatives, and obtain sustainable growth in a tough market during difficult economic times. My former employer had been with TBG for several years prior to my involvement and they were growing steadily due to initiatives that were recommended within the TBG community. Once I was introduced to their team, I started learning where all these ideas and tools came from and really learned how to be successful in my role as a service manager. I recommend everyone I can to join the Taylor Business group; not just for what they can teach you, but for the community that comes with the membership. Everyone is open to sharing their methods to success as well as their struggles, which brings us together as we all share the same types of roles, goals, and stresses. One of the reasons I joined my current company was because they were already a member of the Taylor Business Group. TBG for the win!”

Jack Lincourt
VP of Service Delivery
Microtime Computers
(Formerly of Internet & Telephone / 1path)

“As I prep for the end of FY2022 and look towards 2023 I can happily say NSN has done extremely well with our “chocolate cake”. NSN grew Total Income by 22%. But the big win for me is showing almost 110% growth in NOI [Net Operating Income]. And to be honest, I can attribute a good portion of this success to the members of my Business Improvement Group! Thank each and every one of you for you pushing and even just the friendly competition to beat everyone’s numbers. The constant focus on building a business has been a critical part of NSN’s success. And I cannot forget Brock Kuhse for saying “we are too small”.

Sean T. Fullerton
NSN Management

“During our six years working with Dennis Hunter at Taylor Business Group we grew our revenue from $1.6 million/year to $1.6 million in Q1 2023—that’s $6 million annualized (25% CAGR). Growth and profitability challenges were identified and remediated with Dennis Hunter’s Executive coaching and ITSG execution, resulting in our successful acquisition. I highly recommend Dennis Hunter and Taylor Business Group to achieve your MSP goals.”

Mike Hebert
CTO and Co-Owner

“If you’re ready to take your IT Services business to the next level, Taylor Business Groups peer groups will help get you there. You will learn to get outside your comfort zone, air some dirty laundry, share victories, and learn from each other in a non-competitive group environment. Taylor Business Group has teamed up with leading industry vendors to assist a technology provider in creating a great tool stack. Taylor Business Group will also help you be more profitable by understanding your numbers, peer group discussions, and custom tools that go over where changes can be made to be as profitable as possible.”

Dan Gilligan

“As a long time member of the TBG Business Improvement Groups (10+ years). We grew and matured from a Break/Fix Time & Material business model to a Recurring Service Revenue MSP. The advice given by Dennis Hunter, TBG Executive Coach, was invaluable during the selling process of DCNC in 2023. The accelerated outcome and purchase price resulted in our target being achieved.”

John Hardon
Former President of DCNC
Denver, Colorado

Ready to Accelerate Your Profitability?

TBG will bring years of management experience to your company. We can assist in areas of management coaching pertaining to your sales, service, or administrative departments. Our focus is to assist you in driving more profits to your bottom line.

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