Sales Transformation Audit and Plan

Set a New Course by Evaluating and Re-Energizing Your Approach

Breaking Through Your
MSP’s Sales Ceiling

Most MSPs will face a crossroad in their business. They will hit a sales ceiling that they won’t be able to surmount with their current business model. The owners who stay stuck will choose to invest in half-measures like sales training, hiring sales people who don’t work out, outsourcing prospecting or seeking easy-fixes through marketing toolkits. While these may be marginally helpful, they don’t work without transforming your fundamental approach to business development and the dedication of the owner to lead the change.

Over the past 3 years, Taylor Business Group has a proven track record in transforming the sales performance of motivated MSP owners through its Sales Transformation Program. The results are clear and proven – a routine generation of 2 MSP discovery meetings a week, 1-2 new MRR sales per month, and a 33% increase in sales to existing clients yearly. This offering enables you to set a new course. It also would serve as your onboarding into the broader Sales Transformation Program.

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The Process

Your Investment

This offer requires a day-and-a-half personal working session with the owner (and other leaders) in Saint Charles, Illinois and two follow up GoToMeeting working sessions with Michael Cummings, Director of the Sales Transformation Program for Taylor Business Group.

Your investment is $5,000.

Is it worth your time and money to know what is required to get beyond the revenue ceiling you face? You will know what it takes to be among the few MSPs that make this transition.

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TBG will bring years of management experience to your company. We can assist in areas of management coaching pertaining to your sales, service, or administrative departments. Our focus is to assist you in driving more profits to your bottom line.

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